Install Fragments 2.0 on Ubuntu / Rocky Linux & Fedora

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Fragments is an open-source BitTorrent client for Linux systems and developed by the GNOME desktop environment.

This tutorial will be helpful for beginners to install fragments 2.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Rocky Linux 8, AlmaLinux 8, and Fedora 35.

It is used to transfer huge files like videos, Installation media images and it uses BitTorrent protocol. Fragments 2.0 is the major update with many new features and improvements. Fragments now use the GTK4 and the new GNOME Libadwaitaa Library under the hood.

Fragements 2.0 Changelog

  • Updated User interface which is optimized for the new GNOME design,
  • Magnet link of already added torents cn now be copied to the clipboard.
  • New torrent dialog window which display information more clearly.
  • Statistics about the current session
  • Fragments can now be used as a client to conrtaol remote fragments
  • Enable / Disbale Download queue
  • Custom loction for incomplete torrents

For complete changelog refer to the URL

Install Fragmenets 2.0 on Ubuntu / Rocky Linux / AlmaLinux & Fedora

Step 1: Setup the Flatpak on your system using the guide

Step 2: Install Fragments on the Linux systems

flatpak install flathub de.haeckerfelix.Fragments

Step 3: Run Fragments by using the below command

flatpak run de.haeckerfelix.Fragments
Install fragments in linux


From this tutorial, you have learned how to download and install fragments 2.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Rocky Linux 8, AlmaLinux 8, and Fedora 35.

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