Install Firefox Browser 93 in Ubuntu / LinuxMint / RockyLinux

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This tutorial will be helpful for beginners to download and install Firefox browser 93 in Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Linux Mint 20.1, and RockyLinux.

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla foundation and generally utilized by thousands and thousands of individuals in their daily actions.

Mozilla Firefox 93 Changelog

Refer to the link for the complete changelog

Install Mozilla Firefox 93 in Ubuntu / LinuxMint / RockyLinux

Method 1:PPA ( Applicable for Debian based systems)

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox will be updated to the repositories, just update the repository and install it using the below command

sudo apt update && sudo apt install firefox

Method 2: Via Source file

Step 1: Download the tar file from the firefox FTP site

Step 2: Extract the downloaded tar file to opt

tar -xf firefox-93.0.tar.bz2 && mv firefox /opt/firefox93

Step 3: Remove the old version of firefox from there

rm -rf /opt/firefox92

Step 4: Create symbolic links and set Firefox 93 as default

sudo mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/firefoxold

sudo ln -s /opt/firefox93/firefox-bin /usr/bin/firefox

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