How to Migrate to Rocky Linux 8 from CentOS 8

Migrate Centos / RHEL to rocky linux

This tutorial will be helpful for users to migrate  to Rocky Linux 8 from CentOS 8 / AlmaLinux / RHEL systems Step by Step.

As you know CentOS 8 updates and support will be till the end of December 2021 and after that CentOS will be shifting to an upstream edition of RedHat.

Rocky Linux  Developers provides a migration script which is easy to use and it is applicable for the below distributions

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.4
  • CentOS 8.4
  • AlmaLinux 8.4
  • Oracle Linux 8.4
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  • Root access is required.
  • Before proceeding take a snapshot of the server if it is in VMware or back up the entire system to another location using the rear tool or using 3rd party backup software.

Step 1: Update the system to the latest version

Before proceeding with migration upgrade the system to the latest version and do a sanity reboot

sudo dnf update -y && sudo dnf upgrade -y

sudo reboot

Centos OS version check

Step 2: Download the Migration Script

Install the wget tool if not and download the script to your system

dnf install -y wget


Step 3: Execute the Script

Provide executable permissions to the script and execute it

chmod +x

./ -r

Migrate2rocky Script

The script starts to scan the repostiories in the system and convert that to Rocky Linux 8 repository and once repos are converted it will look for the list of installed pacakges and everything related to CentOS or equivalent disto and convert that to Rocky Linux 8.

migrate2rocky script o/p

This process will take 30 mins to couple of hrs based on your internet Bandwidth , once the migration is completed you will be able to see the below message. Reboot the system to proeceed.

migrate2rocky script output- 2

Post reboot from the grub menu you will notice the Rocky Linux kernel entry will be there, choose the rocky linux kernel and boot it

Rockylinux kernel

Once booted up login to the system and check the os release and verify it is migrated properly or not.

Rockylinux login

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